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Searduino 0.6 (0.60) is out

News in 0.6

  • New log window in Python GUI
  • Added lib-libraries for linker to add
  • Compilation warnings from pedantic mode
  • Serial window in Python GUI
  • Version number in programs (and seasim API)
  • Setting ARDUINO=100 in makefiles (used to determine version)

Fixed Savannah bugs:


  • 36061  analogWrite currently writes to analog pins (should be to digital pins)
  • 36049  configure error on i86
  • 36188  SCrollbar missing in Parduino’s log windows
  • 36173  Helper macros not in correct header files
  • 36162  Add debug flag (choosesn during configure) to Searduino
  • 36158  digitalWrites etc don’t show up in Mac
  • 36142  Remove generated files from git
  • 36103  Minor error in binary install instructions in manual
  • 36075  Missing version information in programs
  • 36072  Libraries for arduino are built when install
  • 36061  analogWrite currently writes to analog pins (should be to digital pins)
  • 36050  Compilation warnings on i686
  • 36220  Read status of output pin
  • 36223  SEARDUINO_PATH incorrect in verify-install.sh

Source code:

tar.gz:  http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/searduino/src/searduino-0.6.tar.gz

signature: http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/searduino/src/searduino-0.6.tar.gz.sig

Binary releases:


…. until 24 hours this link may be the only thing:


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