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Searduino 0.64 released


More Arduino examples used to verify installation
If no registered listener for log msgs, then default to fprintf to stderr
Added rather stupid stub for pulseIn
Searduino version can be requested in Makefile
Documented how to set USB device manually
Started working on documenting I2C devices
Better management of Analog pins

Fixed Savannah bugs:
#36284  SEARDUINO_DEBUG not available…
#36280  Serial print functions do not work for stand alone programs
#36227  arduino_ex2c: main.c not added in Makefile
#36226  Add OS specific paths to upload script
#36285  Add pulseIn to searduino stubs
#36286  Add doc about USER_PORT
#36224  Add version handling in makefiles

GNU/Linux 32 bit:


GNU/Linux 64 bit:

searduino-bin-0.64-x86_64.tar.gz   (UPDATED LINK!!!!)

Windows 32 bit:





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