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Leonardo is now supported

It took a while to get it to work, more on why below, but it seems to be working fine developing code for Leonardo now.

Where to get it:

  • from git / master branch
  • a release is under consideration

Tested so far:

  • Compile and upload for Leonardo boards
  • Move the mouse around using the Mouse.move method


  • Test more 😉
  • Make twi code work (Arduino 1.0.1 has a slight change in the API)

Problems encountered when adding support for Leonardo:

  • Had to include all objects form libsearduino (dunno way right now). This was done using the linker flag “-whole-archve”). You as a developer need not do anything to use this.
  • USB device has to be attached in the main function. Searduino provides a macro (searduino_usb_init()) for this.
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