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Searduino 0.8 released

News in 0.8

In short:

Better integration with Arduino.

With this release it is possible to import an Arduino file in to the GUI Simulator (jearduino) and have the code automically built and loaded so you can run your Arduino code. The resulting C code is stored in ~/searduino/<ino-example>.

General changes:


New menu items

  • Import Arduino examples (ino files)
    • Import an Arduino file which results in a Searduino project ready for use in simulator
  • Searduino projects
    • Work with directoris containing Searduino code
  • Build
    • when having a project loaded

Other GUI changes:

  • Tabbed paned
    • extra tab with logs from arduino sim engine
  • Manual
    • open manual in browser

New command line arguments:

  • –arduino-code <FILE> – loads <FILE> for use
  • –board <BOARD> – sets <BOARD> to use
  • –start – starts your code as soon as it is loaded

Stream simulator:

New command line arguments:

  • –searduino-project <di> – load searduino project dir

New programs:

  • bin/searduino-builder – to ease up builds
  • bin/searduino-stream.sh – wrapper for streamed simulator


  • share/searduino/settings – conf file for Searduino (logs etc)
  • share/searduino/functions – basic bash functions for scripts and wrappers

New implemented API functions:

  • none / not any

Bugs fixed:

  • Wrong month in logs

… and a screenshot

Jearduino 0.8

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